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Welcome to the Air21 BlogSpot page – the perfect place to discover more about the telecommunications company and their work simplifying day-to-day communications within the workplace.

The quality of the support and care offered by Air21 is an essential part of their make-up. The company strive for the highest possible standard of customer care. Recognising that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to solving customers issues; they take as long as is necessary to listen to and understand the concerns of the business before creating a tailored solution. Modern businesses are no longer strictly 9-5 operations and it is for this reason that Air21 offer a 24/7 support service – a service that can be accessed online and over the phone. Their achievements in this regard have been recognised by the ECCCSA; Air21 are previous winners and finalists of the support team of the year award.

Another key aspect of the work that Air21 do is keeping the details of their customers safe. All of the systems utilised by Air21 are equipped with multi-level security protection to keep details secure, and they are a highly trusted company in this respect.

It is now five years since Air21 launched their predictive dialler system, and in that time it has been continually improved in line with technological advancements, now being utilised by a wide variety of companies within the UK and abroad. The Air21 predictive dialler system reduces the time spent by potential consumers waiting to speak to a human voice; the number linkage system ensures that free and available agents are matched up with waiting customers. Of course, this benefits the agent too, as it reduces the time that they spend waiting to speak to potential customers on the other end of the line. If it so happens that every agent is occupied, the system will simply reset itself until one becomes free to speak. The predictive dialler system never fails to maximise efficiency within telesales and call centre environments.

To make life even easier for the host company, your business does not require any onsite software to be installed, enabling the predictive dialler to be incorporated seamlessly into the operations of the company. This is possible because the service is entirely cloud based and can be customised over the internet, with the result that no hardware has to be purchased for the system to work. The predictive dialler has been installed by companies from numerous different industries including Afrasia, The Hospital Group and SLM Connect – to join them and take your telecommunications into the 21st century, contact Air21 today.

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